The Road to Church's Calculus

September 2017

Qointum-X Launch to Markets

Qointum-X is our Bitcoin-derived pre-release token that will be distributed to all backers.

Winter 2018

Alan’s ACE

This Qointum client release is named in honour of Alan Turing’s ACE.

Alan’s ACE will cover alpha versions v0.1 - v0.5. QoinX holders will be able to access their qoins by importing their private key into their wallet. With pre-launch releases the network may be subject to a reset at any time, all prior transactions and storage state may be lost.

Alan’s ACE development will focus on the minimal set of features required to be able to trade qoins and other custom assets on third-party exchanges:

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Queued Delegated Proof-of-Stake
  • Maximally Vetted Delegate Chain
  • Transaqoins and Qointracts
  • custom chains (without entanglement)
  • a command-line interface to control the Qointum client and connect to the main chain or custom chains
  • a command-line interface to debug transaqoins and qointracts
  • a web browser-based wallet qoinapp
Fall 2018

Born’s Basis

This Qointum client release is named in honour of Max Born’s rule.

Born’s Basis will cover beta versions v0.6 - v0.9.

Born’s Basis development will focus on minor implementation details and testing. This release will have a relatively stable API that developers can use to start building and testing their services.

Spring 2019

Church’s Calculus

This Qointum client release is named in honour of Alonzo Church’s Lambda Calculus.

Church’s Calculus will be our official launch release covering versions v1.x. At launch the state of the network will be reset, all prior transactions and storage state will be lost. QoinX holders will again have access to their original qoins.

Post-Launch Releases

Post-launch development will focus on scaling up the Qointum network:

  • Simplified State Verification
  • a smartphone light client with qoinapp and QHTTP support
  • Entangled Chains
  • Ensemble Messaging Network
  • Instant Transaction Confirmation
  • sharding
  • further qoinel generalization allowing for custom cryptographic algorithms and consensus heuristics

We expect that other developers will leverage the Qointum platform to build their own services such as:

  • decentralized asset exchanges including a Qoin<->Bitcoin exchange
  • social wallet to facilitate multi-signature transactions
  • decentralized social networks
  • decentralized redundant storage
  • decentralized prediction markets


We have planned for a shoestring budget consisting of 2 developers and a minimal server setup until the launch release Church’s Calculus.

These estimates assume a third-party exchange price of $1000 USD per 1 BTC.

Alan’s ACE

Expense Estimated Cost (BTC)
Qointum Client/SDK 70
Qointum Website 2
Total 72

Born’s Basis

Expense Estimated Cost (BTC)
Qointum Client/SDK 35
Qointum Website 1
Total 36

Total to Church’s Calculus

Expense Estimated Cost (BTC)
Alan’s ACE 72
Born’s Basis 36
Total 108