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Backers will receive Qointum-X pre-release tokens which will be on markets shortly.
Instant Confirmation

Instant Confirmation

Qointum is ready to handle everyday mobile payments as our new decentralized security technology enables transactions to be confirmed instantly.

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Low Fees

Low Transaction Fees

The Qointum network employs our new Queued Delegated Proof-of-Stake technology to achieve decentralized consensus using only a fraction of the electricity consumed by other cryptocurrencies, so our users enjoy a high-frequency value exchange with low transaction fees.

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Develop Rapidly

Publish your own Qointracts on the Qointum blockchain, embed Qoinapps in your own website, or start your own Entangled Chains on the Qointum network -- all from your preferred IDE using familiar technologies such as Python, HTML5 and JavaScript.

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It's Trustless. Take control of your money and protect your stored value.

Qointum is a decentralized digital money known as a cryptocurrency, anyone with a home computer can join the Qointum network to help verify transactions, and all computers operate using the same rules written in machine code.

Qointum is also transparent, anyone can read the machine code rules that govern it and everyone knows the total amount of money in existence, ensuring that money can not be arbitrarily created at the whim of officials behind closed doors.

With a Qointum wallet you are in full control, your account can never be frozen by authorities or become unavailable due to bank insolvency.

It's Smart. Make your money work for you.

Qointum is the first and only cryptocurrency scripted in the popular language Python, meaning it’s truly programmable money capable of smart contracts, which are trustless automated rules that govern relationships between parties. These scripts we call Qointracts can be as simple as "if you send me ℚ1 today, I'll send you ℚ2 tomorrow", or as complex as decentralized autonomous corporations.

By leveraging Python, Qointum is tapping into a developer base of millions of skilled professionals and an endless variety of third-party financial and mathematical libraries. These libraries provide sophisticated solvers such as neural networks that can process real-world data, creating smart oracles and prediction markets.

What will you build with Qointum?


It's Powering Web 3.0. Get on board with the new Web!

Together with full web browser integration and our new web-scalable Entangled Chains technology which can be described as decentralized interconnected databases, Qointum is powering the emerging privacy-centric and cryptocurrency-native Web 3.0.

Tap into the expansive Qointum economy by issuing your own entangled asset for your business and embedding trustless Qoinapps into your website, facilitating microtransactions with your users.

Then fully embrace Web 3.0 and unleash the power of the blockchain with our protocol QHTTP, serving your entire website over a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

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